Mountain Bean

A Product of Chikmagalur

PC: Sharath IM

About us

‘Mountain Bean’ is a Coffee based Farm Enterprise. For over 100 years, we have been growing shade grown ecofriendly Arabica coffee in our family owned estate in the mountains of Western Ghats in Chikmagalur. While Arabica Coffee is the main crop, we also grow Black Pepper and Beetle Nut under multi-storied cropping system as crops of economic value. Nevertheless, our estate also produces several other products which are of great ecological value.

With the Farm to Cup approach, ‘Mountain Bean’ aims to directly link coffee growers and their produce with passionate customers to ensure that the consumers get best of the produce in its most natural form and in turn encourage rural sustainable ecofriendly farming system.

Our Ecofriendly Estate

Our estate is located at an attitude of 1200m AMSL and receives an average annual rainfall of about 2000 mm. Responsible agricultural practices that we adopt are relied on the principle of respecting nature and local agro-ecological conditions. We grow crops with care and passion under the gentle natural shade, blessed with fresh air and clean water.

Our biodiversity rich estate supports at least 120 species of birds, numerous species of wildlife, butterflies and insects. Native flowering and fruiting trees species forms the canopy providing required shade in the plantation. The ecosystem value of the estate is invaluable. The native shade trees are great carbon sinks contributing to carbon sequestration and global climate change mitigation. Perennial streams originating in the estate landscape contribute to the flow of mighty Peninsular rivers.

Thus, best of the attributes of nature captured by plants are transformed into a unique flavour in our produce.

100% Arabica Coffee – Roasted and ground

Ecofriendly coffee, free from Chicory and adulterants.

Handpicked and washed coffee beans are sun dried, graded, roasted and ground to optimum level to bring out the best of nature’s flavour captured in our produce.


100% Arabica Coffee – Unroasted green coffee beans

Handpicked and washed beans naturally enriched with Anti Oxidant such as Chlorogenic Acid which improves body metabolism.
Improved body metabo;ism through natural Anti Oxidants favours management of cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar.

Whole Black Pepper

The King of spices is grown in eco-friendly multi-storeyed cropping system along with coffee.
‘Mountain Bean’ pepper corns are rich in flavour and free from adulterants and possess rich medicinal properties. Also don’t miss to tickle your spicy taste buds!